Monday, August 04, 2008

Lagniappe Summer Break is

Even the squirrels appear to be asking, "Is it true?" Yes! The band will soon be back playing weekly. They have been playing scattered dates around already.

So if you missed them at Vora Tech's Party in the Park or at Whole Foods, you can stop
feeling squirrely and check this blog for dates, or check the original Lagniappe Web Site in the Interesting Links section (see side bar) Another person designed that site and there you can read brief bios of each band members and longer term forecast of band jobs.

I will post the monthly dates I receive each month. Also, though there are several band members, sometimes the band set ups are different for each gig. So sometimes you might just see four band members, other times five or six members. Although 'mileage may vary', the music always speaks for itself. Good stuff!

But tell your family, tell your friends, heck tell the boss you don't like about this great Cajun/Dixieland band. Soon they will be back at Arnold's, Riverbank Cafe, New Orleans To Go, Chatters and all of their usual haunts.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see an interactive blog for these guys. Their Dixieland music is the best!!! Can't find this music anywhere else in the tri-state. I just heard them for the first time this past spring. Look forward to checking the schedules.


Sophia said...


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