Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lagniappe's Myspace Page has been updated!

In case you missed it, or did not know about it, check out the band's updated Myspace page. There are some tunes recorded live (Not studio quality but still fun) and a slide show.

Also, if you use a magnifying glass, or really strong reading glasses, look under the band photo at the top of the page here and on Myspace: In the world's smallest font you will see the words View my pics/video. You can catch a couple of home made videos of the band, too.

This is an older picture of the band and does not show the newer Lagniappe members, John Mooter and Jessie Berne. But Martine (Yvan, the drummer's wife) took the photo and I really like it. You have to love it when the pets are in the band photograph as well. :)


Oh, and check out Lagniappe on youtube with the latest fan cam from "Agnes".

If you have the option, please choose to watch in higher quality in the lower right hand corner under the video. That's not always available but when it is, it makes a big difference. However, nothing can save us from digital camera 'burn out' from fluorescent lighting...thus the glowing skin and hair on some videos. Music's still fun.

Both Myspace and you tube are listed in the "Interesting Links" on the side bar of this blog.

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