Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Recent Video from New Orleans To Go

Ok, this is from last month's gig at Nola2go. It's a cold Sunday afternoon and I need something to warm me up. Next week Lagniappe is at Nola2go on the 22nd. I LOVE this song but I am sorry if the mic and sound is a 'bit fuzzy' or distorted (my little Flip mic is sensitive and better for acoustic or "unplugged" sets than music through a monitor.)

THAT SAID, I have a couple of CD's of Flammes D'Enfer, have searched all over youtube and CD wav sound bites, gotten CD's from the library, and in this humble bloggers opinion, Lagniappe's is the best version where the melody and singing is concerned. I need to reshoot this so we can hear the accordion and drums better, and I hope, to hear Yvan's repeat phrasing being sung after Chico. Hopefully if I stand back further from the monitors, less distortion and more even sound. ..I shall endeavor to try again.

But the violin on this surpasses anything on any recording I have come across and Yvan's energy on the drums needs to be better I hope to capture another version of this soon.

This was only my second time using a Flip video so be kind if you leave comments! :)


P.S. For better video quality, go to you tube and click VIEW in higher quality underneath the lower right corner of the video.

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