Saturday, December 06, 2008

Song bite from New Orleans to Go on the 22nd.

Well, it's a slow cold month for gigs. The 22nd was another lesson in frustration with the THIRTY minute FLIP Video for this blogger. I was borrowing one from my sister for a couple of band jobs and it eats batteries like crazy and often dies mid song, OR fills up with no notice! &^%$#?!

I did capture 1 minute, 52 seconds of this song (but who's counting) and the band sounded great. When the Flip cam slammed off and said Camcorder full, I wanted to throw it into the deep fryer...... but I rather enjoy listening to the band at this venue and the food is great!! So I did what any adult would do; swore, sulked and sat down to enjoy the rest of the music. :-)

THINKING of the Flip Video cam for a gift, I STRONGLY suggest the 60 minute ULTRA and it allegedly has a fitting for any tripod! 30 minutes is not enough time and unless you travel with a laptop (where you can empty out the cam after a few songs ) save yourself the aggravation and get the Ultra. This is not a commercial just a consumer tip from one who knows. There is the FLIP Mino 60 minute Cam but it's more expensive than the Ultra (by about $40) and the battery is built in. I would NEVER trust a battery I can not remove to charge or replace. Cause if the battery goes dead, there goes the ENTIRE camera.

Anyway, it's still been fun to capture the band at some gigs and I hope Santa brings me a 60 minute video so I can get some 'good stuff in 2009 and really make the band shine.'

Slam poetry at it's finest. Not.

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