Friday, February 06, 2009

Lagniappe Returns to Hamilton for new gig at Ryan's Tavern

Lagniappe is playing at a new venue in Hamilton, Ohio. Saturday, Feb. 7th, from 6pm-9pm they will be at Ryan's Tavern. They will be playing above the restaurant in the second floor bar. There is a huge, gorgeous cherry wood flight of stairs to take you to the second floor. But if you need one, they have a small elevator available, I am told.
When we were there, I noticed a small Miller draft was $3.00 and a Killians draft $4.25. Nice pub and it's huge. Lagniappe is famous for strolling and getting up close and personal to the listeners. Good thing as from the opposite end of the bar, near giant tv and a small cozy fireplace, hard to see the band.

The city of Hamilton is facing very hard times but still has great people there (I grew up there and have a mother/friends there) and some fabulous architecture. Not exactly sight-seeing weather, but I hope the Lagniappe fans from Cincinnati will venture north to see the band and at least get some drinks and appetizers. If you walk two blocks west, you will see the Soldier's, Sailors and Pioneers Monument building, with "Billy Yank" on top, next to a cabin (see pic below) Built in 1906 it's a gorgeous limestone building. Oh, and just one block west is the old Butler County Courthouse, another great building if you appreciate architecture.

Lagniappe has an early gig and one could be home by 10pm or sooner. Ryan's also had good coffee and potato skins when we were there. Appetizers are served in the bar area but the dinner menu downstairs. So tell your family, tell your friends, and heck, tell that boss you don't like. The music should help their mood.

Hope to see you there. Wear your dancing shoes and get ready to "Second Line".
*Photos top and middle of blog from website. Check the site for dinner menu (but no prices online) Photographs of the Soldier's Pioneer's Monument and High Street at night, are by Chantel. Click on photo to enlarge it.**

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