Sunday, February 08, 2009

Lagniappe's Debut at Ryan's Tavern

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Well my friends and I had a fabulous time at Ryan's! And the band loved the place, too. Spacious and plenty of room to stroll and get around. Did not take many good photos, darn it, to capture the real mood of the evening, but, the band will be returning to Ryan's Tavern! See the schedule on this page, and keep your eye on it. Information coming in like morse code as I type. .... ..Soon as I decipher the info, updates will be posted.

It was fun seeing Jessie's parents play with the band. I did get a nice photo of mother and daughter. Good to see the Mayor of Hamilton smiling during the evening as he recovers from surgery and health challenges. Lagniappe will return for Fat Tuesday, Mardi-Gras Feb. 24th at 10pm until 1 am. (they have an earlier gig in Cincinnati) So take your naps, folks, and hire a sitter for the kiddies! Come have a music martini, and enjoy a real gumbo of songs.

Stay tuned for further updates as the Mardi-gras season of gigs is picking up.

~~Sophia is doing the Snoopy happy dance. (Need to get that dog some Mardi-gras beads.)

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