Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lagniappe's Last Day Before Their Summer Vacation

Well, it was a hot day for the band. They performed for 4 hours at Paddlefest, then played outside on the hot patio (and I do mean hot!) at New Orleans To Go. Alligators were seen but not heard (Latoya cooked them!) Lagniappe was performing their last gig before one band member went to Indonesia for 6 weeks, and another home to Belgium for a month.

Yours truly was melting (kind of like the witch in the wizard of Oz) but went inside for cooling breaks. The little fan I brought might have worked for cooling chipmunks, but did little for me, but I digress. The mood was still fun and there was line dancing onto Northland Boulevard.

At the end of the night, Latoya showed off her "American Idol" audition with PROUD MARY, followed by some old tunes of the late Michael Jackson. It gave the band both a much needed breather and entertained the rest of us to no end! New Orleans To Go has great food and when the band is there, it's always a blast. Latoya's husband Randy is always smiling, moving quickly, and asking if we need anything; Latoya's always cooking up food and has a quick sassy comeback for anybody within earshot. She also is always smiling and working hard to please her customers!

The man in the fedora hat looked so summery & stylish, I just had to take a photo of him. John Mooter lent him a piece of brass to pose with, the sliding trumpet I believe.
(*Click on any photo to see it full-sized*)

Latoya showing us how to Second Line, with some attitude, along the boulevard. :) Over nine hours on her feet cooking and still going strong and smiling.

Ending with a silhouette of John seemed fittin' as the band had had a long day, starting at 10:00 Am this morning. Yet they were all in good spirits, which makes it so fun to run a blog for this band.

Schedules will be posted on this blog in late July/early August for the next band gigs and I will expect full reports from the two teachers as to what they did on their summer vacation. Ha!

Hope you were able to see Lagniappe either at Paddlefest or at New Orleans to Go.
See ya in August! Have a great July.


P.S. Edited on Monday. Thanks to Angela for the additional pictures via email.

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