Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sent LIVE on Twitter From Rivertown Breakdown

Well, normally I don't post blurry photos but I made an exception this time. Why?..well because I can. And because some darling young man, Alexshebar on Twitter sent me this picture from his cell phone, or Blackberry or iphone thingie. He tweeted he was at Rivertown Breakdown so I put in a request for a Lagniappe picture. By the time I got a snack (bowl of cereal) he had sent this along with a note that Lagniappe was playing some kick$$$ cajun. :) I got this before the band left the stage. Now that was a kick for this dame.

There I was on the laptop in bed, watching a webcast, listening to Oscar's snore (he's one of my cats) and reading Tweets as I was unable to attend the big event. It's amazing how we can feel in touch with modern technology. I noticed our Miss Jessie appeared to be playing an UPRIGHT BASS? What a treat that would've been to hear. If I get more photo's, will post them later.

Thanks to Alex who was tweeting live updates & pics on Twitter. (He reports for the Cincinnati Enquirer and is fun to follow on Twitter) Hope the evening was a success for the river sweep.


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