Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rivertown Breakdown Photograph

P.S. Update: Sunday afternoon.

Mark Byron, a professional photographer, sent
this fabulous photo of the band. Note the great lighting in skin tones, the shirt, and the way the violin shows up. Wow. I dream of getting a great photo like's all in the lighting folks. And a trained eye. Thank you, Mark for the email submission. Much appreciated.**Click on the photograph to see it full sized** And check out Mark's site. Over 100 great photos on it as of tonight, of many RB performers.

Check the second link and on page 1 and 2 or 3 are Lagniappe photos, though that might change as he adds photos. At the end is Jake Speed with other band members on stage and you can see Dick in #111, Yvan #116, and Jessie #111, and John # 113. Also can see the band members in others of the mass group onstage but you have to look!

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