Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lagniappe does Saturday Night at New Orleans To Go

Strolling inside to the diners.

After the Second Lining in the Street which everybody does in New Orleans.

Jessie Berne filled in on the Lagniappe Quartet for the out-of-town, John Mooter. Other regulars are Chico Converse, Yvan Verbesselt, and Dick Franz. Food was great, weather was fabulous (stopped raining) and the music was too.

Pictured below is Latoya, on the left in pink, with a friend of hers. Latoya is owner and chief cook of New Orleans To Go. Stop in for a bite or get carryout. Folks from New Orleans tell me this food is the real deal. I believe 'em. During "Second Line" folks got up and left their food, and danced along the boulevard out front. See the video for more pictures but the tune on the clip is "Jolie Fille."

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