Thursday, December 03, 2009

Crow's Nest this Saturday (see sidebar) for address & times. I have no pictures of the Crow's Nest and the above pic from Mt. Echo park years ago, is as close as I've been. :)

Remember next week, Dec. 12th is the official CD launch party at Arnold's. "Irrational exuberance" in it's eco friendly packaging, music info, pics, and 49 minutes of great music (but who's counting!) Above & below band photo s are courtesy of Chris Kromer. And major kudos for capturing the band dressed up!!! I bet Jessie had something to do with that. Everybody looks great, and look at all the instruments the band plays.

* Click on any photo to see full-sized.
If you can guess the number of instruments in this photograph, you will win a prize! Your choice of a pack or gum or Tic Tacs. (Hey times are rough, but a prize is a prize!)

Stay tuned for any updates. S'posed to be radio music appearance on WAIF this week. Will give more details so stay tuned.

Stay warm!

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