Thursday, December 10, 2009

CD Party note & Edit for Citybeat article & A Reminder WNKU Sat AM

First, reminder the band will be on WNKU Brian O'D show Saturday (see blog posting below this one please for details)

The first 40 who purchase a CD will get a free dvd of the band, with interviews of the group. Arnold's downtown on 8th street.

12/12/09 9:00 pm-midnight
CD Launch Party
210 East 8th, Downtown
513 421-6234

(From *Mike Breen's Citybeat column, the original link )

Lagniappe has been the area’s finest Cajun music group for almost 20 years now, and the band’s new recording, Irrational Exuberance, shows exactly why they’ve remained so popular and employable. There’s nothing “novelty” about the band’s sound, an authentic but still crafty mix of Zydeco, Dixieland Jazz, R&B, Tex-Mex and many more styles. They are the aural essence of New Orleans in one ensemble and the clean, unfussy production of Irrational Exuberance even keeps the warmth and grit in tact. The band’s CD release party is 9 p.m. Saturday at Arnold’s downtown. ( Show details here.)

From Citybeat magazine. Follow them on Twitter & follow Lagniappecincy, too! See side bar.

* With gratitude to Mike Breen for allowing the article to be posted here. Much appreciated*

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