Sunday, January 31, 2010

2009 Election Night Photo's From Arnold's

So I'm a little late as this 2010. But you see, ya never know who you're going to meet on Twitter. One of my new fave tweeps @QueenCityDisco said he enjoyed Lagniappe's music at a party, and I had no clue what I missed! , so I asked him "Which party?" Seems it was at Arnold's on election night. These are the photographs of the band & Arnold's from that night. Though I just now found out, it's been a slow month. I enjoy his pictures, blog, his causes, and he just happens to have an ongoing art show on "Forgotten Cincinnati" (see link below) And he enjoys Lagniappe.

Thank you, Gordon Bombay @QueenCityDisco. If you see the band during Mardi Gras, please say hello & introduce yourself. :-D ~Sophia

P.S. Folks, check out Gordon's blog. You might just learn a few things about the past & present in Cincinnati. Follow on Twitter if interested where he's @QueenCityDisco


Anonymous said...

I was at Arnold's for this party and couldn't remember the name of this band. Didn't know how to say the name let alone spell it, no offense. Great music! Now I will catch them again & check here & Twitter for future outings.

Sophia said...

Thank you anon for stopping by and leaving a comment. I know the name is tricky...just think "Lan-yap" to keep it simple. Last I heard there were no gigs until around the 13th of February but I should be getting an UPDATED schedule this week. So stop back by, in case the schedule has changed. Or watch for Tweets.