Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bootleg Tape Time Again "Iko Iko" Style

Lagniappe, the quartet version, playing "Iko Iko". Pay no heed to the fact that Chico forgot the lyrics to a very easy to remember song *shrugs, video made him nervous?? -- nor pay any attention to the dame behind the curtain (with the shaky hands causing "Blair Witch Project" style recording)

Taped this thing on her Tic Tac camera. Hard to hold a cam to this song & not want to dance. Then she steps in front of the monitor & things get distorted on the audio but hey, it's the spirit that counts ....Though if the band sees this, might be a cease & desist order! Hope to see you this weekend at the Barn Dance Saturday in Rabbit Hash or one of the Sunday Marathon sessions. :-) Sunday begins at Findlay Market to crown the King & Queen!

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