Sunday, February 28, 2010

Saturday Night Live at Dilly Cafe

Well, I finally made it to the Dilly Deli Cafe, famous for it's wine shop, beer selections and great food. It did not disappoint. I was warmly greeted by Chuck who had had a hectic Saturday and busy evening, yet found time to stop by to help me decide what to get and check on how the dinner was going. I was in a party of three and all loved their food. The band was great though missing two regulars. However, I love the Lagniappe quartet version and they never disappoint. They even had a guest singer sit in for an old gospel tune. She was fantastic and the band never missed a beat on "I'll fly away." Sorry, I didn't get her name but she's in this photo.
We hope to check out the courtyard when the weather is nice and before it get's too hot. Last year, Yvan & other band members told me the courtyard is also very nice but I don't do heat well. Hopefully I'll get lucky with one cool evening in which to capture the band outside.

If you need wine or beer, Dilly is a candy store for adult beverages.
The band is gearing up for another marathon weekend with Bockfest. Check out the side bar for the schedule on your right ---->

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