Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Night Paxton's Pics

Chris on guitar, Jessie on bass, Chico w soprano sax, John trombone
Fun night at Paxton's Grill--I'd never been so no clue what to expect. I hadn't seen the band in a gig setting in months! Some kind couple right in front of the band, offered to share their table with us (when I asked to borrow a chair as I was weary of standing..) I was thrilled and even told the nice lady "Thanks and yes, we'd love to share your table and we promise not to make boring chit-chat and intrude on your evening!" (Plus once the band starts playing, I'm all ears for the music, not talking even to my very good friends! Not rude, just gettin' my "Music fix.") I did smile and thank her, more than once for being so generous as they were there for the Happy Hour and left after the first set or so. When they left, they were sweet enough to just give us a brief good-bye. Kind folks!

My perch in front of the group was a sight for sore eyes! Tough to get a group pic of the band, being so close, but still had fun snapping as they strolled. Jessie did her playing clarinet/bass/violin jig at times. Great music therapy as usual. What other New Orleans band sings the Beatles "Octopus' Garden?"... They do feature "other kinds of music, too."
Next, it was on to a hot double duty Saturday at Paddle fest & Anna Ree's Andouille.
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John on trombone, Dick on accordion, Yvan on washboard, Jessie on clarinet
Chris on trumpet
Rare photo of seeing a drummer's face! Yvan not hidden by cymbals!
Dick lookin' cool for summer in white & new short hair cut!

John doing the simultaneous Cornet/Piano deal!

Yvan playing washboard solo, while Jessie dances to the beat, Chico on violin w/different sax around his neck.

P.S. My thanks to the guys for my drinks! xoxo

Friday, June 25, 2010

Lagniappe's Next Stop Paxton's Grill

06/25/10 9:00PM - 12:00 Paxton’s Grill
126 W Loveland Ave
A sports bar environment, inside gig with A/C, family friendly (kid's menu online) Not sure they sell the beer above.

The beer in the photo is something that leaped off the shelf, into my cart, at Jungle Jim's. It was in the section where you can buy one bottle of beer. The label reads "New Orleans Dixie Jazz Beer!" Now I'm no beer aficionado, but I had to buy this one. It even has a keyboard design on it. How to get Lagniappe a gig doing their jingles? or a commercial? but I digress.

Hope this place has a dance floor or the band will have to Second Line or something!
P.S. Here is video of the place at end of soccer match.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thursday Kennedy Hts Center Dancing & Food

06/24/10 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kennedy Heights Comm Ctr
At 6:00 PM Dance lessons
Cajun dance lessons
6546 Montgomery Road~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

A special night of outdoor music for learning to dance; that starts at 6:00PM and there is a Red Beans & Rice potluck. Lagniappe plays from 7:00 - 9:00 pm. Hope to see you there !(*picture here is Bicycle celebration on Fountain Square via email)

Friday night Paxton's Grill in Loveland is in AIR CONDITIONING!! Course the weather may be cooler but nevertheless, I called & was told it's inside!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Arnold's Friday Night

Weather permitting on the patio. If it's hot, hydrate yourself before hand, especially if you plan on dancing. Check out Arnold's new website. It looks fabulous (except for a Lagniappe link that needs changing!~ but far it be for me to quibble. HA!) You can read about the food, friends & music there. Love the sepia tone colored background. Band should start about 9:00 pm.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lagniappe's Going Be on the Radio Monday Night!

Studio 89 Concert on 89.7
301 Landrum Academic Center
Highland Heights, KY 41099
Phone: 859.572.6500

WNKU is at 89.7 or
94.5 FM Fairfield/West Chester
for those of us in the Northern Exposure of the Greater Cincinnati area.

Show starts at 8:00pm. Listen online if you don't pick up the radio signal at the following link.
(Click right here)
P.S. Remember if you tweet, you can follow updates onTwitter. See side bar ---->
And the FACEBOOK page is under Interesting Links.

Friday, June 11, 2010

The Comet's Pig Roast Saturday

Briar Patch Pig Roast Saturday at 4:00 PM & Lagniappe plays at 9:00PM. Come hungry, thirsty & bring your dancing shoes to Northside! In case you were wondering, pig roast is RAIN OR SHINE!

06/12/10 9:00PM - ?
The Comet
4579 Hamilton Avenue, Northside
(513) 541-8900

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Rabbit Hash Barn Dance Friday

Click here for Rabbit Hash, Ky link.

Cross the Ohio River and head west & that will get you to Rabbit Hash. Have fun and if you get videos or pictures, please share. :-D

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Across the River at Southgate House

Is Rivertown Breakdown. Support the cause & see many local bands.

Lagniappe plays from 10:45 to 11:25PM

Rivertown Breakdown, Southgate House
24 E. 3rd Street, Newport, KY

Bands representing all genres of American music raise money for the P.A. Denny River Education Center docked in Covington, KY. It's a great time for a great cause!!

*Thanks to Gordon Bombay for the use of this birdseye view photo looking into NoKy. Apropro river gigs & around downtown. Click on any of the pics to enlarge them.*

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rivertown Breakdown Reminder Sat Nite

The Rivertown Breakdown celebrates the unique current of American Roots music that steams throughout the Ohio River valley. The flow of sounds and styles that sail into this celebration (i.e. Bluegrass, Country Blues, Western Swing, Jugband, Cajun etc.) essentially deposit into the banks of Rock and Roll.


The Rivertown Breakdown provides the folks of Greater Cincinnati with one evening (at one stellar venue) of entertainment from Cincinnati’s foremost players of American Roots music. Furthermore, proceeds from this year’s event will be donated to help save the PA Denny Riverboat Education Center. As CityBeat Magazine recently reported, “[this] historic paddleboat…has ferried students on voyages along the Ohio River, scooping up water samples and studying the aquatic organisms that call the Ohio home. For many of the young passengers, a PA Denny cruise was their first time on the water and the first time they recognized the importance of the river in their lives. During a Coast Guard inspection earlier this year, the boat was found to have significant wear to its hull and is now in drydock. Repairs will cost around $225,000, and it’ll be at least a year before the Denny is operational again.”


*Rumpke Mountain Boys (Bluegrass) *Magnolia Mountain (Country Folk) *Katie Laur Band (Bluegrass) *Queen City Zapatistas (New Orleans Brass Band) *Straw Boss (Rockabilly) *Jake Speed and the Freddies (Folk/Country Blues) *Frontier Folk Nebraska (Indie Folk) *Shiny and the Spoon (Ukulele Folk) *Mt. Pleasant String Band (Bluegrass) *Lagniappe (Cajun) * Faux Frenchmen (Gypsy Jazz) *Greg Schaber (Delta Blues) *Cincinnati Dancing Pigs (Jugband) *The Sidecars (Western Swing) *The Rubber Knife Gang (Folk Rock) * Marmalade Brigade (Gypsy Grass)

THE TIME: Saturday, June 5th: 8:00pm-2:00am.

THE PLACE: Southgate House: 24 E. Third St. Newport, KY. 859-431-2201

THE PRICE: $15 (18+)


SPONSORS: Christian Moerlein; CityBeat Magazine; WNKU 89.7FM; ORSANCO

1st Appearance at Washington Platform Friday

06/04/10 Washington Platform
Corner Court & Elm Street
Downtown Cincinnati
8:00 - 10:00 PM

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Fringe Fest at 6:00PM

We will be helping to kick things off at 6:00pm (30 minutes earlier than previously reported)

Know Theatre
1120 Jackson Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
(513) 562-6262