Saturday, June 26, 2010

Friday Night Paxton's Pics

Chris on guitar, Jessie on bass, Chico w soprano sax, John trombone
Fun night at Paxton's Grill--I'd never been so no clue what to expect. I hadn't seen the band in a gig setting in months! Some kind couple right in front of the band, offered to share their table with us (when I asked to borrow a chair as I was weary of standing..) I was thrilled and even told the nice lady "Thanks and yes, we'd love to share your table and we promise not to make boring chit-chat and intrude on your evening!" (Plus once the band starts playing, I'm all ears for the music, not talking even to my very good friends! Not rude, just gettin' my "Music fix.") I did smile and thank her, more than once for being so generous as they were there for the Happy Hour and left after the first set or so. When they left, they were sweet enough to just give us a brief good-bye. Kind folks!

My perch in front of the group was a sight for sore eyes! Tough to get a group pic of the band, being so close, but still had fun snapping as they strolled. Jessie did her playing clarinet/bass/violin jig at times. Great music therapy as usual. What other New Orleans band sings the Beatles "Octopus' Garden?"... They do feature "other kinds of music, too."
Next, it was on to a hot double duty Saturday at Paddle fest & Anna Ree's Andouille.
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John on trombone, Dick on accordion, Yvan on washboard, Jessie on clarinet
Chris on trumpet
Rare photo of seeing a drummer's face! Yvan not hidden by cymbals!
Dick lookin' cool for summer in white & new short hair cut!

John doing the simultaneous Cornet/Piano deal!

Yvan playing washboard solo, while Jessie dances to the beat, Chico on violin w/different sax around his neck.

P.S. My thanks to the guys for my drinks! xoxo

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