Saturday, September 03, 2011

A Birthday Party w Lagniappe at Arnold's

It was a hot night at Arnold's, but not too steamy for some folks to party. One of my tweeps from Twitter shared these pictures. Tami's friend, Patty, had a birthday & they had a blast at Arnold's with Lagniappe's music in the background last night.

Feel free to leave comments if you'd like to identify yourself or add two cents. We love getting photos of outings with the band. Not everybody does Facebook or Twitter, believe it or not! *Click on any photo to see it full sized.

Birthday girl with John's Trombone
In the Arnold's infamous bathtub
John Mooter playing cornet & piano at the same time. Always amazes!

Remember, if you watch Harry's Law, Arnold's is going to be used as one of the local hangouts in the show. Starts in a few weeks! ~~Sophia
P.S. Also, Lagniappe has a CD for sale, "irrational exuberance." Ask a band member.

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