Saturday, October 22, 2011

RiverBank Cafe Trio

It was a blast from the past night kind of sorta. Lagniappe hadn't played here in a few years and their old accordion player, Chuck Wiggins filled in. He played with Lagniappe until 1998. I remember first hearing the band at Borders in the 90s, when I was just a little girl (clears throat!)

I was playing with the settings to avoid flash so that's why some pics are grainy. It was great to see the guys even though Chico was late to the first set due to traffic issues. Yvan & Chuck sounded like 2.5 men with Chuck's electronic accordion sounding like two instruments at once. But it turned out fine.

A Trio version of Lagniappe returns next month on November 18th. Should be Yvan, Chico and John on piano/brass instruments. See ya then. ~ Soph
Here is their website. Good food, cold drinks and nice waitstaff. The owner is a nice guy, too. Dennis Kurlas.

P.S. Next month I must close those drapes behind the band. Now I notice the plywood. *sigh*

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