Tuesday, May 29, 2012

This Week!

 Please bookmark this page and use it for schedules.  If you're ever in doubt, call the venue the band is playing to double check start times (in case of bad weather, outdoor gigs that are 'weather dependent', etc) Or check their FaceBook page.

I will also update such things here, when I am communicated with of such changes. 

Also, I try to post band jobs for the entire month.  So check back often in case of changes, ok? Bookmark this site :) ~~ Soph

**Above photo courtesy of Martine Verbesselt**

05/24/12 6-8 pm Washington Platform
1000 Elm Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

EDIT: Julian's canceled due to rain as of Noon on Friday
06/01/12 6 -10 pm Julian’s Deli (Loveland) 
200 West Loveland Avenue

06/02/12  12-1pm Cold Spring Library
3920 Alexandria Pike
Cold Spring, Ky
859 - 781-6166

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