Saturday, June 16, 2012

Riverbank Photos & Crawfish Boil Reminder

06/17/12 3-7pm The Bayou 
(Crawfish Boil)

527 York Street, Newport, KY.
859.491.FISH (3474)

Tried some natural light, though a little grainy photos, from Friday night at Riverbank Cafe. The trio version sounded great. Most photos have no flash, a faster speed, thus may be grainy when enlarged. In the above picture they are singing happy birthday to a young boy with family. 

 I left the psychedelic photo of Yvan as an example of too slow a shutter for capturing a drummer picture, using hand held lens any way!  That stage is taller than the norm. Used to be shirt department at men's shop, Burg's years & years ago.

Feel free to leave comments if you were at Riverbank Cafe or any other events where you hear Lagniappe.

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