Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blog Talk Radio Show from 3 Years ago with Lagniappe, revisited

In the spirit of  blast from the past, is this WAIF interview Lagniappe did in December 2012 with Joanie and Robin Lacy on WAIF FM.

I'm sorry some songs got cut off (some were the CD cuts) and some were performed live in studio, along with interviews of the whole band. I did this on the fly and had no idea I was going to put it on my now defunct, Blog Talk Radio show at the time, so excuse the poor editing and chopped off songs. (But you can hear the songs in their entirety on CD).

Still fun to relisten and Robin & Lacy were a hoot as hosts. Lots of fun energy in the studio.

Not sure this will work on MACs as I think you need Flash player. It does work on Firefox for me.  BTR is the blue and black box on the sidebar that has clips from the band's CD "Irrational Exuberance" available at all gigs, $10!

So grab a cold drink and commence to revisit this exciting time with the band from December 2009!

(newer band members since this interview, are Laura Sabo, Raiford Faircloth, and their favorite fill in, Raif's wife, Sadie)

Hey if you have flash player, here is an old interview with the band I put on blogtalkradio 2.5 yrs ago when their CD came out. WAIF and Joan and Robin Lacy on "Crawfish Fiesta" radio show. It works in Firefox and you can click in on play in your "default player" and a window will pop up.

It's when Chris Carmichael & Jessie Berne were still with the band. And Chico tells how the band got started. Fun hearing all the guys. Thought this was an appropriate blast from the past in anticipation of the "Million Dollar Bash" party coming on Sunday.

This show was a hoot so in case you missed it (ICYMI) here it is again. MAC users, not sure it will work.

It was tricky to tape this and put online but I did it with duct tape, tooth picks and speakers which improvised as microphone!

Warning in advance for parts where music is cut off but it was a FUN interview and all got to speak on the show.
Some songs from the CD and some done live in studio.

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