Sunday, September 02, 2012

Riverbank Cafe photographs

For those that don't do Facebook, here are some photographs from last night's gig at Riverbank Cafe, in Hamilton, Ohio. It was "Lagniappe Light" with Chico, Raif and Sadie.  It was a mostly strolling kind of an evening, and the company was good, the food was great, my beers cold, and the music fun and energetic. 

Sadie has a great voice and a sparkling stage presence whether on the tall stage or strolling the crowd (that used to be the men's shirt section for Burg's Menswear, for those who wonder "why such a tall stage?"

Sadie lugs her accordion around and sings as easily as most of us breathe. It's gotta be a lot of work but she, Chico and Raif were in good form.  They play all around town, and Sadie is Lagniappe's favorite "go to" person when a fill in is needed.  Next month, the band is due back at Riverbank on the 21st, but if there are changes on that date,  it will be posted here.
**Click on any photo to enlarged them**

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Next Friday is Julian's Deli in Loveland, on the bike trail. Outdoor gig only so if it rains, call ahead! It will be the entire band so bring your dancing shoes!

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