Friday, January 17, 2014

Check Weather Updates Before Gigs!

Before heading out, please check to make sure Lagniappe is playing or if the gig is cancelled due to snow. There are four chances to hear them in the next wk. I've provided addresses/phone numbers below.

You can check here - provided I get the updates in time - Or on Lagniappe's Facebook page as Yvan (the drummer) updates as soon as he gets them.  *Check the side bar of the blog where there are band contacts/Facebook  and  Twitter links, or if getting this in email, here is the FBook page... certainly you have liked them on FB by now, right? :)  

01/17/14   9 pm – 12:30 am   Arnold’s
210 E. 8th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 
(513) 421-6234

 Michael McIntire, Chico Converse, Dick Franz, John Mooter

(Dr) Laura Sabo
Yvan Verbesselt

01/18/14   6:00 - 9:00 pm     Pappadeaux’s
11975 Northwest Blvd
Springdale, OH 45246
(513) 671-4473
(photo via Cincysavers site)
01/19/14   9:00 - midnight    Tavern on the Hill
1111 St. Gregory Street
Mt. Adams/Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 421-3309

Oops, my mistake. 1/31/2014
NOT this week (is my face red!

( 01/21/14  8:00 - 12 Midnight   Anderson Pub
8022 Beechmont Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio
(513) 474-2212
Remember, Mardi Gras is coming soon! Stay tuned! Thanks for stopping by ~~ Sophia
(If getting this in email, check on the band schedule site by clicking the title OR if that does not work on your browser/tablet/smart ph,  click here

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