Sunday, February 02, 2014

Wrong update Sent out

My apologies if you got a Lagniappe update today, that said they are playing in September of 2013 at Julian's Deli and other places (??) Some internet hiccup.

Have no idea how Feedburner did this. I've not updated the blog yet for this month except for this apology.

It's annoying to say the least, as I see such a thing as spam and it erodes the trust you folks have given the blog/Feedburner/me, by offering up your email addresses.

How this email system works:

I put a post on the Lagniappe blog, then (behind the scenes at their own pace, not mine) Feedburner sends you all the updates. Free service, thus I've no control over the timing. This is a sporadic problem that Google is ignoring. If it happens again and they continue to ignore some of us that are complaining, I will have to discontinue this service. Can't fill up your emails with 'fake band updates.'


Your Loyal Blog Lady~Sophia

PS Fat Tuesday is March 4th. Get ready to get your Mardi Gras on!
If you party, drink responsibly and use a designated driver or metro.

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