Friday, May 30, 2014

Sunday Findlay Market Noon - Three

6/1/2014  Noon to 3:00 PM
OTR Biergarten at Findlay Market
1801 Elm Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lagniappe at Arnold's Saturday

05/24/14 9:00 pm – 12:30am Arnold’s
210 E. 8th Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

Photo of Lagniappe at Arnold's, by Jimmy James Photography (Thanks for the use, Jimmy!)
It's a long weekend for many people. 
Remember the meaning of Memorial Day on Monday. 

**Flag picture by me**

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Double Header Saturday + Sunday Special Event

Howdy all! 
It seems awfully early to be so hot AND humid...but I think I used up my gripes over the endless bouts of snow that went on and on. . . and on.

05/17/14 1:00 -4:00 pm Newport on the Levee
 Lagniappe on Indoor Stage

05/17/14   9:30 to 12:30 am Arlin's Bar
307 Ludlow Ave
 Cincinnati, Ohio 45220

05/18/14 6:45 -7:45 pm Mariemont Theater for
French movie “Chocolat”

Bookmark the blog schedule link below, if you are getting this in email. I will make updates there, rather than blow up anybody's email box, if  I get last minute changes.  Feedburner can take 15 minutes to 26 hours to email this to you folks depending on the 3rd party which does this for me...and I am grateful, except when they send out six month old dates, too, just to see if everybody is paying attention.

 I am getting more Lagniappe followers on Twitter too, as I give the updates there, for the band under this handle 
So if you enjoy the tweeter thing, look me up.

Yvan runs the band's Facebook page here.
**These photographs I shot  the last time I saw the gang. March.
~~~Thanks ~~Sophia

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Sorry for fake email

Another hiccup from last Thanksgiving. Have no clue why. Google sends these out not me, behind the scenes of this blog.

I DO apologize for the technical difficulties, out of my control!@#$%?

~~Soph, pulling her hair out!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Century Inn CANCELED tonight

*Century Inn tonight = Canceled*

Not sure what happened besides  communication breakdown.  I will update later about the rest of the month gigs schedule there.

I hope you get this email before tonight, but I just found out.  Lagniappe has no control over the whims of managment but will endeavor to get the facts after speaking to somebody in charge, and I will update.


Sunday, May 04, 2014

Rest of May Gigs

Sorry to be late sending the month of gigs out, folks.

I do want to thank those of you who are on our growing email list.   Just a reminder if you are checking this online and NOT getting this in your inbox, please VERIFY the google/feedburner initial email...this confirms you are a real person and then Google (not me) sends the emails out to all of you. ----> See side bar to sign up for the emails and tell your friends.

According to Feedburner, many have not activated their name to get this gig update. Share the idea with other fans so we can get 100 on this growing email list.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog and supporting Lagniappe! ~~Sophia

05/17/14 1-4 pm Newport on the Levee
05/17/14 Time (tbc) Arlin’s – Clifton
05/18/14 6:45 -7:45 pm Possible Mariemont Theater for
  movie “Chocolat” 
05/24/14 9 pm – 12:30am Arnold’s

JUNE 2014

06/01/14 Noon to 3:00 pm Findlay Market Beer Garden
06/07/14 Noon to 1: 00 pm Campbell County Library 
Cold Springs Branch

3920 Alexandria Pike